Management Committee

The Management Committee

Iftikharul Amin
Iqbal Ahsaan
Managing Trustee
Mohd. Imraan

Administrative Committee

Suhail Ahmed
Chief Accountant
Ms. Muneera Sayani
Chief Coordinator (AWT)
AWT super tannery
Our core members are associated with Super Tannery from the last 30 years. Super Tannery is one of the leading leather industries in Kanpur. Mr. Iftikharul Amin and Mr. Iqbal Ahsan have been involved in social activities from more than 20 years now. They are the guiding force behind the work of Amin Welfare Trust. The Core team of AWT consists of charismatic and exuberant individuals, who possess not only relevant expertise, but also a sense of social consciousness.

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors are the leading industrialists of UAE. They are pro - active, and put in consistent efforts to achieve our goals of overcoming poverty and empowering women. They are extremely committed to our cause of promoting hope in life and are passionate and well skilled in the field of social welfare. Their help, guidance and support are the hallmarks of our success. They are our staunchest support.

Message from the Chief Co-ordinator (AWT)

When I look around me, I see so much poverty, illness and despair. Life is not so easy for all. And therefore getting an opportunity to work at AWT is like being that small ray of hope that can dispel darkness from so many lives. Being able to reach out and help is one of the greatest blessings that can be bestowed on anyone. No single person can change the world. But we all can surely put in our bit to make this world a better place to live in.

The devotion, determination and dedication put in by our trustees, Iftikharul Amin and Iqbal Ahsaan along with their continuous guidance not only motivates me to strive to be that change that society is in dire need of but also to become more human and tolerant towards mankind and continue casting those ripples that can make this change evident.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my entire staff, without whom we would never be able to achieve success of this magnitude.

With the grace of God Almighty, I hope to pursue this mission of ''Promoting hope in life'' to the best of my ability.

Ms. Muneera Sayani

Chief Co-ordinator, Amin Welfare Trust (AWT)

AWT Mother Teresa

″ I alone cannot change the world but i can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples ″

Mother Teressa