Super International School

In SIS, students discover their own talents, and get an opportunity to develop them to the fullest. The school provides an invigorating and competitive atmosphere, created by excellent facilities and guidance provided by a highly qualified and dedicated faculty.

The values, which are ingrained, help to promote confidence, direction, and critical thinking skills, leading to the development of well-adjusted, adaptable and integrated personalities. In other words, SIS offers comprehensive and holistic education.

Besides being committed to academic excellence and providing education for all round development, another special characteristic of SIS is the appreciation of each student. The School is equally committed to the under-represented and less-privileged segments of the population, such as gifted applicants who could not attend school and children with high potential facing difficult financial circumstances.

All the academic programs and activities at SIS work towards one purpose - to help students develop lives of significance for themselves and for others, true to the traditions of the School Motto "DISCIPLINE, KNOWLEDGE, SUCCESS”.


We plan to groom the students for leadership in various spheres of human activity. We shall instill in them ideals of sincerity, honesty, dedication to serve the society and the nation and courage to espouse causes and to speak the truth always.

We plan to put our children through a rigorous training to instill in them virtues like personal hygiene, discipline, punctuality and respect for law.

We intend to apply strict and absolutely uncompromising standards in selecting pupils for admission. We have clearly defined parameters which a child must measure up to before he/she becomes a member of our institution. Each one of them must demonstrate potential for imbibing values which will make them worthy and contributing citizens of urban and rural India.

Being acutely aware of the low rate of literacy among women in India, the management has planned to subsidize fees for the deserving girl child. We intend to prepare our children to compete in today's fast-paced world with strength and confidence.

Students are prepared to face the highly competitive world and are simultaneously given lessons in co-operation and team work. The medium of instruction is English. However proficiency in Hindi and optional languages are also aimed.